Sell Listings Faster
and for More Money
with Virtual Staging
EXAMPLE: Matterport Tour of an empty condo that has been virtually staged.
Virtual Staging Services
Empty Spaces
With this state-of-the-art technology, any empty listing can be transformed into a gorgeously designed home. Virtual staging is easy and effective. Apartments and houses can be viewed with or without staging, allowing interested buyers to better understand the property.
Clutter distracts potential buyers from seeing a property’s full potential. My virtual decluttering service removes unwanted items and old furniture which are distractions in a photo and replaces them with beautiful and stylish pieces of furniture.
Remodeling | Construction
Virtual staging can be utilized, regardless of the condition of the listing! Even if a property is in the process of being remodeled, staging and decor can still be applied virtually. This saves time during the selling process and allows buyers to see the full potential of a listing.
New Developments | Pre-Construction
Whether the property is fully constructed or in progress, virtual staging can be utilized to transform a listing. New developments benefit from a clear and final staging design. Using virtual staging during the initial planning process can help designers, developers, and investors. Create a final product to work towards.

The Benefits of Virtual Staging
A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

In this day and age, it's unsurprising that over 90% of home buyers begin their search online. 97% of those potential buyers said that photographs were the most important part of the online listing. With the vast majority of home searches beginning online, displaying compelling visual information is essential to attracting and retaining interested buyers.

Virtual staging allows you to showcase the full potential of a room. This type of content allows buyers to more easily visualize their own furniture in the space and demonstrates the aesthetic possibilities. Digital marketing is crucial for the modern agent, and virtual staging is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

Cheaper than Traditional Staging
While home staging is usually viewed as an investment that is returned, not all agents can spend hundreds of dollars on expensive rented furniture. The larger a property is, the more expensive it will be to stage. But with virtual staging, it costs significantly less to showcase the full potential of every room in the house. Avoid the expensive furniture rentals and the hassle of lugging decor into a listing just for a few tours. Instead, invest in virtual staging and connect with interested buyers.
Expanded Design Possibilities

Traditional home staging all depends on budget. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that the average agent spends around $400 on staging, but it can cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the quality of the furniture and the amount needed to fill the property.

With virtual staging, you're provided a large portfolio of design options that are constantly being updated with the newest trends. Interested buyers can even adjust the staging to fit their personal style.

No Vacancy Required
Traditional staging is often a burden for sellers who have to move all of their personal belongings out of the property to make space for staging furniture and decor. With virtual staging, sellers have the advantage of staying in their home while it's on the market. Once photographs are taken for the virtual staging, homeowners are free to live in their space as usual. Virtual staging is significantly more convenient for sellers who want a comfortable lifestyle while their house is on the market.
Start Boosting Buyer Traffic
Virtual staging is simple, cost-effective, and helps prospective buyers envision the listing as their own. Build online traffic on your listings and sell your properties faster and for a higher bid!